Learning is the best practice of all.

The idea for Practice Studies came from an important realization (and acceptance) that I wear many creative hats. I worked full time as a designer for many years, hoping that my desire to explore additional creative areas would eventually quiet down. It soon became apparent that it never would. So, I decided to quit my job and embrace what truly makes me who I am. For me, life isn’t about being the best at one thing, it's more about the thrill of learning something new—growing, exploring, connecting with people who share similar passions. I also want to connect with creatives whose approach to work and life in general differs from my own. I want to witness their process, learn their stories, slow down, and really allow myself to try new things, even if it's completely out of my comfort zone. Ultimately, I want to share all of it with you so the inspiration pays it forward.

I ask each creative to teach me one thing they're passionate about and I document the process. I share the story of who they are, how they work, and the space around them. I leave every shoot filled with the joy of learning something new, and rich with an appreciation of their unique talent and efforts. I'm inviting you to follow along and learn with me a very important truth—that creativity has no boundaries.




Marta Sasinowska is the founder of Practice Studies / photographer & designer / curator & event coordinator / world traveller / life = art enthusiast. She's available for hire and likes to travel.


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