"Want to come and take care of my cats for a couple of months?" – my friend who just recently moved to Melbourne called and planted this random idea in my head. We laughed because you know, normal people don't fly across the world to cat sit. But then again, normal is boring, plus I just gave my two weeks notice at my full time design job, so I booked my flight. There was no better way to celebrate my freedom than going on a solo trip to explore the part of the world completely unfamiliar to me. 

So that's how I ended up in the city that sneaked up on me and completely stole my heart. I don't know
if it was about how beautiful and green it was, 
surrounded by lush rainforests, beaches and mountains, or was it more about the people and their "no worries" attitude - always kind, warm and so positive. Maybe it was the coffee - I mean, seriously, how do they make it so perfect? Or maybe it was just simply my attitude: open and ready for a new adventure.