Emily Katz


Emily begun her macrame workshop in Chicago by telling her story about how she started her business, Modern Macrame. It's always so interesting to hear where it begins for those who decide to follow their passion, especially if it leads to something very unconventional, yet highly successful. Emily told a beautiful story about wanting to reconnect with her mother and how she decided that the best way to do it is through learning something from her and by working on a project together. Her mom used to do macrame in the 70s so it was an obvious choice. They spent some time working together, connecting strands of rope, tying knots, slowly creating a woven piece, as they were slowly reconnecting their paths and fixing their relationship, one knot at a time. Now, years later, Emily is a successful macrame artist, teacher, interior designer and creative consultant, living her life doing exactly what makes her happy, and every time, it brings her back home.