Lake Michigan


Chicago is known for harsh and long winters and even though I've lived here for so long, I'm still one of those who always seem surprised by the cold weather and can't wait for it to be over. A couple of years ago, during probably one of the worst winters I ever experienced, I decided to switch my focus: instead of wasting my energy on complaining about how cold and miserable it is, I decided to really make an effort to find the beauty in it. My search took me to the beach by Lake Michigan and I was absolutely mesmerized by what I saw. That's how my "Winter is a beach" project came to life. I've decided to visit every single beach in Chicago to document the lake and how it changes over time.  

Today is the first day of Spring and there's no better time to appreciate the beauty of winter than when it's actually over. So enjoy this portrait of Lake Michigan and its unusual frosty charm.